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Why Technology Can’t Fix Your Business

I just stumbled across a website for a SaaS product that claims the following as their value proposition: “Endless leads. Automated outreach. Instant authority.”


I work with startups and small sales orgs who are trying to generate more leads, simplify their outreach process, and prove authority. Software can’t do all that for them.

Can it help? Absolutely. I use technology to solve some of these problems for my clients every single day.

But we run an enormous risk by letting ourselves believe that buying the right tool can make our business suddenly grow without having to work for it.

I didn’t figure this out on my own…

A while back I sat down with Irma Olguin, cofounder of Bitwise, the amazing coworking space several of my clients and I call home. I was explaining my vision for a productized version of my consulting services and she said to me, “Rex these are great ideas, but you’re trying to solve a human problem with technology.”

You’re trying to solve a human problem with technology. – Irma Olguin

She was totally right! Part of what I teach my clients to do can be simplified by technology. And part of it cannot.

I’ve seen this same mistake made by business owners, entrepreneurs, and even many freelancers. They hear about a new piece of technology or a new service that can “automate” or “eliminate” tasks that can’t really be automated or eliminated.

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I still believe in leveraging technology to automate and eliminate repeated manual tasks. I’ve used tools like Hubspot,,, Calendly, and more for that exact reason.

But we can’t give into the dream that by opening our wallets we can avoid using our brains or opening our mouths. Technology can’t give us “instant authority” or completely automate our outreach.

Because authority comes from knowing what you’re doing, not just saying the right thing.

Because you’re reaching out to human beings, not an email inbox.

Heck, it’s why I get paid to do what I do.


I’d love to hear from you all about what purchases you’ve made that have worked for your businesses. And if you’re willing to share a story about a time when opening your wallet didn’t help your business, I’d love to learn from that too.

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