How I Hired & Onboarded Sales Noobs Who Became Rockstars

When you run a cash-strapped startup, you’re always looking for a bargain. It gets risky when you hire talent based on how little money they need to be paid. But hiring inexperienced salespeople can pay off in the long run if you know how to develop your team members.   My business partner and I…

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5 Common Startup Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

I didn’t build Facebook. I didn’t sell my software startup to Salesforce. But I have worked with quite a few startups who have struggled to reach sustainability. I’ve seen a few of the same challenges over and over again, so I compiled them into this list. For each pitfall you’ll see a detailed description and…

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Your Content Isn’t Nearly As Important As You Think

*This article originally appeared on my LinkedIn blog* Great content is no substitute for great products. I’ve worked with companies whose products didn’t fit the markets they were trying to serve.No matter how beautifully I crated an email, the best we could produce in terms of sales opportunity was usually one of two kinds of…

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