The 10-Point Sales Success Checklist

Every time I meet with a prospective client, I have the same questions. When we decide that the fit is right and we work together, I take those questions and dive deeper.   These ten points are the exact checklist that I go through to help my clients sell more. They’re somewhere to start from…


What Does Your Ideal Client Look Like?

Tonight I got the chance to present to a group of ambitious young marketers at the Online Marketing Fresno Meetup. Below is a copy of the slides I used to present my message.   I spoke about how much good it can do your business to build an ideal client profile.   This is one…


5 Common Startup Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

I didn’t build Facebook. I didn’t sell my software startup to Salesforce. But I have worked with quite a few startups who have struggled to reach sustainability. I’ve seen a few of the same challenges over and over again, so I compiled them into this list. For each pitfall you’ll see a detailed description and…


Your Content Isn’t Nearly As Important As You Think

*This article originally appeared on my LinkedIn blog* Great content is no substitute for great products. I’ve worked with companies whose products didn’t fit the markets they were trying to serve.No matter how beautifully I crated an email, the best we could produce in terms of sales opportunity was usually one of two kinds of…


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