Top Mistakes Startup Sales Teams Make When Scaling

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Jeremy Boudinet, Director of Marketing at Ambition Inc., a fantastic software company based in Tennessee.   He asked me what I thought were the top mistakes B2B startups were going to make this year when scaling their sales efforts.   You can read the whole post from…


The Dumbest Hiring Hack You’re Using

There is an ancient proverb that says, “The best ideas always come from the oldest person in the room.” Wait, no there isn’t.   Well at least the best ideas always come from the most established companies.   No? Guess not.   You see, experience is just that – experience. It’s not skill. It’s not…


How To Go From Zero to Sales

This is a topic I discuss with people nearly every day. I have clients and friends trying to design sales processes and build sales teams, and I have a network full of sales professionals who need to know how to fill their pipeline. So I decided to write it all down (well, the big bold version of…


Social Selling: When Does Research Go Too Far?

If you’re reading this breathing, you’ve heard of social selling. It’s the topic of endless blog articles, LinkedIn group discussions, and heated professional debates. The exact definition is different depending on which “guru” you follow. It floats around somewhere between (1) researching a lead before reaching out to them and (2) using social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter,…


Why Technology Can’t Fix Your Business

I just stumbled across a website for a SaaS product that claims the following as their value proposition: “Endless leads. Automated outreach. Instant authority.”   I work with startups and small sales orgs who are trying to generate more leads, simplify their outreach process, and prove authority. Software can’t do all that for them. Can…


Sell Like You Market & Market Like You Sell

While studying English at BYU, I got a unique chance to work with the test preparation department doing sales and marketing. It was there that I learned how exciting it can be to increase sales and help more people.   Back then I didn’t see a clear distinction between marketing and sales. One was always…


STOP Asking Sales Reps to Work For Free

This is a post I originally wrote on LinkedIn where it has receiver over 1k views, 100 likes, and 16 shares. It really struck a nerve with my network (most of whom are professional salespeople by trade).  Hope you enjoy it! This is a bit of a rant, I admit. But if you’re a startup founder…


How to Sell a Losing Product

You don’t sell the world’s best product or service. Well, maybe you do, but let’s pretend you don’t. Let’s say your product is lagging behind three others in your same market. So how are you going to sell anything? How can you possibly hope to position yourself against better products? At some point (IRL) you…


How I Hired & Onboarded Sales Noobs Who Became Rockstars

When you run a cash-strapped startup, you’re always looking for a bargain. It gets risky when you hire talent based on how little money they need to be paid. But hiring inexperienced salespeople can pay off in the long run if you know how to develop your team members.   My business partner and I…


The MacGyver Sales Rep Myth

I grew up in the 90’s and caught the tail end of the MacGyver show just as it was wrapping up its final season. In one episode I still remember, MacGyver made a functioning airplane from random parts in an old garage. I loved it. If you haven’t seen the show, Angus MacGyver was a…


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