Hi, I'm Rex B.

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Husband, father of 3, sales fanatic.

In college I thought I wanted to be a teacher because I love the act of teaching. I thought I’d get a PhD.

But during my senior year two things happened:

1 - I got sick of writing papers analyzing other peoples’ papers about someone else’s original work. (SO BORING)

2 - I helped my school’s test preparation department grow from $300k to over $800k in annual sales. (SO FUN)


Then this happened.


I'm a husband and father to two little kids (plus one on the way). And I love it. 

My family has helped me learn and apply some incredibly useful business lessons for myself and my clients.

Eat your veggies first

My kids aren't huge fans of vegetables (shocker). If they eat everything they like and save the veggies for last, they're stuck.

If there is a business activity you're avoiding, it's probably the one you need to do most of all. Don't do the easy stuff (dessert) first if it's not going to have an impact.


Time isn't the same as quality time

Try telling my daughter that I'm spending quality time with her when I'm on my phone responding to client emails. She won't believe you.

Focusing on multiple things at once doesn't work well for anyone. Putting quality time into work or home life requires absolute focus.

Money is necessary, but isn't everything

My family needs me to make money to support them. But they need a lot more than money.

Similarly, great salespeople are able to produce consistent revenue for their employers, but they also need other qualities like being a team player and a focus on profitability.

I’ll share a lot of advice on this site and I hope it’s useful for you.

You’ll see everything from what tools I use to where you should go to find more clients (plus the occasional rant).

If you decide that you need more help, visit my services page or just shoot me an email.

This is what gets me up and going in the morning!


Happy selling!

I'm committed to helping you sell more

Shoot me an email with the sales challenges you're facing and I'll reply directly to you. Promise!

If others can benefit from the answer to your question, I'll create a blog post or video out of it.

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